EFSM Meeting Minutes - Paris – Port Maillot – Palais De Congrès Friday, April 6th 2012

Start of the meeting at 6 p.m.


P. Valenti (France), A. Georgescu (Romania), A. Muset (Spain), E. Tukiainen (Scandinavian Group), F. Demirkan (Turkey), K. Malm (Sweden), L.T. Jensen (Denmark), M. Breborowicz (Poland), A. Stritar (Slovenia), S. Geuna (EMRA), P. Tos (Italy, in place of M. Innocenti), L. Jiga (Romania), I. Ignatiadis (Greece, in place of A. Beris).


R. Baumeister (German Speaking Group)

  • Battiston as General Secretary presents a brief report of the activities since the last European Congress. In particular, good efforts were done by the Informatic Committee to update the website; the Educational Committee organized the round tables of the last congresses on Education and gave some facilities to the young people participating to EFSM activities (CD-rom on nerves in Genova Congress – collection of Paris Instructional Courses to be put on the website).
    On the contrary there are some complains on the active participation of many delegates to the “life” of our Federation. For example just the collection of the new data of the National Societies to be put on the website was impossible due to the lack of answers.
    Then, the General Secretary recalls to everybody that our Federation needs at least some participation by each delegate to grow up.
  • Alex Muset presents the next EFSM Congress in Barcelona. He shows the site of the congress and some projects for the round tables.
    He will ask to all the delegates to send him official lists of people interested in participating and their topics of interest.
    A debate is raised on how to attract young people to our congresses. A proposition is accepted to reduce the fees for young residents, to give free admission to some residents (one or two per country as winners of National Microsurgical Courses) and to offer some travelling fellowships.
    On this matter it is crucial that all delegates pay the fee of each National Society to EFSM.
    In two weeks Georgescu will try to activate a bank account and will send the number to all delegates who will be able to pay the due fees in a couple of weeks.
  • Ferit Demirkan confirms the proposition of Turkey for 2016 EFSM Congress.
    Antalya is proposed as site of the meeting and the period could be May 2016. He shows a brief ppt presentation to all the delegates and everybody agrees on the site of 2016 Congress.
  • Report of the Committes
    • regarding Educational Committee, Geuna proposes EMRA becoming a group of centers, not doing just research, but also education and training.
      Ionac will collaborate with him in updating the EMRA site and stating the rules for a center to be part of this net.
      Then the name of the group may be changed into EMTRA (European Microsurgical Training and Research Association).
      An endorsement is then given to the International degree in reconstructive Microsurgery organized by Barcelona University.
      J. Masia accepted that this Educational program will give priority to young people officially presented by EFSM or one of the National Society.
    • as far the Informatic Committee, Lucian Jiga presents the new website and will send to all delegates a link to check it and give back comments.
    • the International Committee who joined EFSM to other meetings (WSRM, Argentina, etc.) will work to organize other joint meetings with International Societies.
  • Three of four National Societies that proposed application to EFSM are now officially accepted: Denmark, Poland and Portugal. Only one is not confirmed for the moment, namely Slovenia, for their difficulty in having a real National Microsurgical Society.
    A new application came from Sweden, proposed by Karl Malm and will be checked for a two years period.
  • Bruno Battiston, thanking all the delegates for their support and help during this four year period will leave his role.
    As new General Secretary is proposed Alexandru Georgescu from Romania. All the delegates unanimously accept this proposition.

End of the meeting at 7.30 p.m.